Operations Control Officer

We are looking for an Operations Control Officer in Verona Villafranca.

Position Title: Operations Control Officer
Location: Verona Villafranca
Contract: fixed-term

The Operations Control Officer coordinates daily flight operations, dealing with others technical and operational stakeholders. She/he has to possess good problem solving and decision-making capabilities and to be able to minimize disruptions to flight operations.
She/he has also to ensure that this is done in accordance with relevant regulations and safety requirements.
Main duties and responsibilities:
  • Obtain overflight and landing clearances, PPRs and slots, as well as set up ground handling, fuel and catering arrangements, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance is consistently maintained.
  • Take expeditious action to avoid any disruption to flights.
  • Handling multiple requests simultaneously and accurately, work well in dynamic situations; anticipate and mitigate problems.
  • Prioritize efficiently time and resources in crises, be able to work effectively with others in a fast-paced team environment and be able to work independently with limited assistance.
  • Forward planning to reduce disruption to the flight program and its possible impact; asses destination airports, en-route and/or aircraft specific restrictions and propose solutions.
  • Closely monitor the progress of an operation both in the planning and live phases, and provide regular updates to all concerned.
  • Supervise daily flight planning processes and assist Flight Crews in resolving difficulties related to operational tasks.
  • Ideally at least 2 years experience in a similar role (not mandatory);
  • Must be able to read, write and speak Italian and English fluently;
  • Ability to liaise in a diplomatic and friendly manner with all stakeholders;
  • Flexible time approach and adaptable to change between shifts;
  • Able to work under pressure and within time constraints.
  • Able to talk firmly with people but using a kind way.
Business unit
Flight Operations